Zoo Safari tour

Zoo Safari

Zoosafari tour is a very interesting and exciting activity. In this zoo, animals do not live in cages, but in freedom. The bus drives into fenced areas, on each of which various animals and birds live, and so follows a certain route. Here you can see about forty species of animals, including lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, deer, mouflons, lemurs, camels, llamas, zebras, leopards, hippos and others. As well as birds from different parts of the planet: strasses, pelicans, flamingos, peacocks, penguins. This is not to mention smart and talented dolphins, sea lions and parrots, whose shows can be visited for an additional fee.

In your free time you can ride on exciting rides that will be interesting not only for children but for adults: roller coasters, the tower “free fall”, water rides, carousels. Well, how could it be without a Ferris wheel, from which you can enjoy a bewitching view of the entire Itri Valley – the most picturesque territory of rural Puglia, strewn with olive and almond groves, from which tiny peasant huts and ancient feudal estates stand out.

Zoo safari is open : from March to October from 10 to 15.00 , as well as on December 1.8, 15 and 22 and from December 26 to January 6, 2014 from 10 to 14.00 .