Bari is a city that offers emotions and on a food and wine level it is the apple of Puglia.

On this walking tour around the city of Bari you will delve into the culinary part that reveals a side of the city that is usually reserved for locals. Strolling along the cobbled alleys at a relaxing pace I will take you to the discovery of typical places and lesser-known markets where we will taste the local delicacies that you may never have met before such as: chops, sandwiches stuffed with octopus or meat, orecchiette, potatoes, rice & mussels and much, much more.

During the tour we will stop to take a look at the pilgrimage church of the Basilica of San Nicola; the church houses its sacred remains in an ornate crypt. We will stop to admire the Cathedral and continue towards the nearby Swabian Castle of the twelfth century. We will stop in a bakery to taste the Bari focaccia, a bite of creamy burrata while we will get to know the cheeses and salamis in a delicatessen. We will sip the local wine or beer while I explain to you the immense oenological heritage that the region has to offer, thanks to my qualification as a Sommelier and we will conclude it all with the secrets of ice cream and granitas while we will taste them, of course.

The visit includes the modern part of the city, where there are opera houses, luxury boutiques and a seaside market.