Castellana Grotte tour

Excursion to the underground karst caves of Castellana Grotte

The karst caves of Castellana Grotte have been one of Italy’s most visited places for about a century. Castellana Grotte (Bari), a small provincial town in Italy, is known worldwide for its karst cave system. Discovered in 1938 by the caver Franco Anelli, the grottoes became one of the most visited caves in Italy. To this day, cavers find new caves, but tourist routes are laid through the most famous and majestic. Castellana Grotte Caves are a whole system of abysses connected through passages with a length of about 3 km.

Tourist excursions have two routes: short, up to 50 minutes long, which lasts 2 hours and covers all the caves intended for tourists to visit.

The entrance to the caves is a vertical shaft with a length of more than sixty meters. The first cave of the tourist route is La Grave. It is illuminated by powerful light from outside. Thanks to the luminous flux, the cave hall looks unusually majestic. The huge niches of the Castellana-Grotte caves amaze with the splendor of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s difficult to understand why it’s more breathtaking when visiting caves: from high humidity and a constant temperature of 18 degrees or from delight! Each cave differs from the previous quality of karst rocks and its appearance, which is emphasized by mythological names. First you will pass from the Karst Grotto to the Black Grotto, crossing the Owl Cave. Further, passing along the “Serpentine Corridor”, through the “Cave of the Cliff” and “Little Paradise” you will find yourself in the most famous cave of Castellana Grotte – “White Grotto” (Grotta Bianca). Her visit is mandatory for any type of route. For its extraordinary whiteness and splendor, the White Cave is called the most beautiful cave in the world.

Also, concerts, performances, exhibitions and various performances are often held in caves, this is an unusual sight under the ground among stalactites and stalagmites! 

This tour to the caves of Castellana Grotte is ideal for a fun and exciting day with the whole family, with children.