Wine Tour

Visit a Winery in Puglia

(visit the cellars to taste the best wines recognized in international competitions)

Before saying anything, try this wine!

White, very bright, with greenish sparkles.

Aroma? The aroma is amazing – very bright, expressive, spicy, languid sunshine, exotic fruits …

This aroma occurs in late harvest dessert wines.

The taste? Dry wine with marked minerality.

Intriguing, captivating, unusual, romantic wine.

Definitely like our Tour at the most famous wineries in Puglia and Basilicata.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to taste and evaluate every characteristic of the wines that the winery will present to us. Thanks to my experience as an AIS-recognized Sommelier, I was able to select only the best wineries in the area and classify them for you both from an economic and qualitative point of view, to offer you an excellent experience.

Inside the cellars we will not only taste wines but we will also appreciate the combination with some typical products such as cheeses, cereals and aromatic herbs.