castels tour

tour of Norman Castels of Puglia

The tour by car includes a visit to several castles in the northern part of the Puglia region. It starts from Bari with a visit to the Swabian Castle of Bari, an unmissable point for anyone who decides to visit this splendid city. The Swabian Castle of Bari has gone through several eras, has seen the succession of princes and lords and today it is a cultural destination, where you can appreciate its imposing structure and perhaps attend an artistic event.

The tour will proceed to the discovery of Castel del Monte; perhaps the most famous of all the Apulian castles, and also the most mysterious. Its octagonal shape that stands out among the hills is an iconic and famous image all over the world, but behind its history there is still an aura of mystery. There are those who even believe it to be the place where the Holy Grail is kept.

And the end is the wonderful Swabian Castle of Trani which overlooks the sea and contributes to making the promenade of the white city of Trani an even more special place!

The tour does not include a visit inside the Castle, it will continue to discover the city of Trani starting from the Cathedral of Trani and then ending in the Jewish quarter.

In Trani there are many restaurants, shops, galleries, fascinating views and behind the port and one of the most important Jewish quarters of Puglia, called Giudecca, where you can find the oldest Jewish temple in Europe, built in the Apulian Romanesque style: the Synagogue of Scolanova.

The price does not include the cost of entrances to the Castles, which varies – visit the official website.

Castel del Monte: full 7 euro – reduced 2 euro

Swabian Castle of Bari: full 6 euro – reduced 2 euro