Otranto tour

The Eastern Pearl City In Salento

Otranto is the easternmost city in Italy, one of the most beloved by tourists in the Salento region.

Oddly enough, no more than 6 thousand inhabitants live here in winter, but if you get here in the summer, you can see that the population of Otranto increases significantly due to the visitors and the Salentines themselves, who spend their holidays here. Why is this mysterious city so attracted to itself? 

Its rich history is full of both great and tragic moments. In 1480, Turkish invaders attacked Otranto and mercilessly beheaded 800 people who refused to accept Islam. Their remains can still be seen in the main cathedral of the city. In the same place, in the temple, there is a unique floor mosaic collected by the monk Panteleimon in the 12th century, it can be considered endlessly, each time finding something new. The Aragonese castle, about which the first Gothic novel was written, the Byzantine Cathedral of St. Peter, the chapel with endless columns – these are just some places that are worth visiting in Otranto.

Better than the coastal beaches, stretching near the city, for a comfortable and cozy holiday just can not be found. The extraordinary natural beauty and security of the beaches, the rich variety of underwater flora, made them one of the best places in Italy for diving and swimming. It is not difficult to get to the beaches; shuttle buses stop very close to the shore.