Polignano has the characteristic of having a coast full of beauty.
Full of caves and inlets, this coastal landscape is one of the most beautiful in Italy.
Many of these caves are accessible only from the sea, so a boat trip is a must during a stay in Polignano.
The choice of boats for tour is very wide and varied, you can choose simple goiters, or more equipped and capacious boats.

The most important caves are the “Grotta delle Rondinelle”, whose history tells that in the past every year a swallow built its nest there, until the moment when a storm destroyed it and since then every garrito heard in those parts is synonymous of misfortune.
“Grotta Ardito”, located under the homonymous sea, has a natural column called “column of Hercules”; “Cave of the Phocas and Episcopin”, with tunnels that reach the Matrix Church.

The boat tour is also recommended to Monopoli and Trani, because of their characteristic coast.