Gallipoli tour

the Pearl of the Ionian sea

As for its origin there are many legends, but the most famous is that it was founded by the ancient Messapian people. Gallipoli built on the Ionian Sea, with an area of 3 square kilometers, is divided into 2 distinct areas: the historic center that is born on a limestone island and the new village, connected to the island by a bridge dating from the seventeenth century, which began to form in 1837. To the west of Gallipoli rise “L’Isola del Campo”, the islet called de “Li picciuni” and the island of Sant’Andrea.

For a long time, Gallipoli was a very rich city, where high quality lamp oil was produced, which was also exported to Russia. you can still see with your own eyes the perfectly preserved underground crushers of that time. Gallipoli is now well known for its fishing. Particularly noteworthy is the fish market, where the fishermen themselves will make you try the freshest sea delicacies. Throughout its history, the city has been attacked a large number of times, which is why the first thing we see on the island is its castle with an unusual bastion, as if separated from the main building – the so-called Rivellin.

During the tour, fans of historical places will be happy to visit the castle of the Duke of Anjou, rebuilt in the sixteenth century, the fountain built by the ancient Greeks, the Cathedral built in the mid-seventeenth century, painted from within by paintings by artists of 17-18 centuries, and the exterior is decorated in Baroque style, small but rich decorated churches, each of which belongs to a particular brotherhood, and much more is worth visiting this unusual and mysterious city.