Tenute albano tour

Visit tenute Albano of the famous Apulian Singer of "felicità"

Everyone knows the popular hits of Albano and Romina Power! The famous Italian family duet gave us unforgettable songs – “Felicita”, “Ci sara”, “Tu, soltanto tu” and many others. Albano Carrizi has not been performing with Romina for a long time, but he is still loved by the Russians. Albano is a native of Puglia, where an excursion to his estate, which is located near Brindisi, is especially popular among tourists .

Albano is not only a singer, but also a winemaker. As well as an entrepreneur. The Tenute Al Bano Carrisi estate, which he designed himself, was built mainly for receiving guests, reminiscent of a small medieval town buried in Mediterranean vegetation, olive trees and vineyards. There is a 4 star hotel, a restaurant, a wine cellar and wine cellars. The restaurant serves traditional dishes from the Puglia region, as well as wines produced on the estate. Guests can arrange visits to wine cellars and wine tastings. Everyone can get “on a visit to Albano”, taste the oils and wines produced here, and just relax.

Albano himself has his own house on the estate, he comes here not so often, but still sometimes visits this place. If you are lucky, you can meet him there, the hospitable singer loves Russian visitors very much, because where, if not in Russia, he is the best guest!