bari tour

Come to Bari at least once in your life

The Bari tour includes a visit to the oldest part of the city – Barivecchia, which in the local dialect means “Old Town”. We will visit the main places: Basilica of San Nicola, where there are his relics; the Cathedral and the Swabian Castle.

During the tour, you can also walk along the walls of the city fortress, which offers a beautiful view of the entire embankment, the bay of the old port embracing the famous Margherita Theater and the Roman columns of the Trojan road, we will visit also the most famous square – Piazza Ferrarese.

– The duration of the Bari tour is 2/3 hours.

– It is possible to combine the tour with lunch in one of the best fish restaurants (the cost of lunch is paid separately on site).

It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. For those who wish to go down to the church of the Basilica of S. Nicola, to see to the tomb of the Saint Nicolas, you need adequate clothing.


Built on the coast, Bari is the capital of the Puglia region, as well as the ninth largest city in Italy.
The historic center, built following a labyrinth layout, is rich in characteristic alleys and with a very high level of artistic and cultural baggage.
There are more than 30 churches and wonderful buildings such as : the Basilica of San Nicola, the Basilica Normanica of San Gregorio, the Cattedrale of San Sabino, il Castello Normanno-Svevo(wanted and built on the order of King Frederick II of Swabia), il Teatro Margherita e il Teatro Petruzzelli.
Along Arco Basso you can really find the beating heart of Bari Vecchia, among the scent of laundry put out to dry and freshly baked focaccia, there are the houses of the ladies who prepare fresh pasta, including, above all, the mythical orecchiette of all sizes, famous because, along with turnip tops. is the symbol of Bari.

But not only, it is also famous for its raw fish, mix of cuttlefish, octopus and seafood and the traditional “TIELLA” of rice, potatoes and mussels.
Bari has the largest waterfront in Italy, enriched by majestic palaces, the harbor and the famous fish market.
In Bari there is also the ancient fair of the Kingdom of Naples, now called Fiera del LevanteSpread over three hundred thousand square meters, it hosts important events and in 2019 arrived at the 83rd edition of the “Campionaria Generale Internazionale” event which would be the main event for which it is known, hosts the most important local, national and international companies every year. ‘gastronomic, fashion and industrial sector.