At sunset

bari at sunset

Bari is the provincial capital of the region and is the most populous city. With its thousand attractions and particularities, it gives emotions to every corner.

Visiting this metropolis will be a unique experience for you.

The most characteristic areas are certainly those of the center and the old city which, due to the high temperatures reached during the warmer seasons, we recommend visiting at sunset.

In fact, the Bari Sunset Tour includes a walk in the old city, a visit to the Basilica of San Nicola, the discovery of the colorful landscapes, shopping in the main streets and much more.

During sunset, the city turns pink and orange, the colors that most reflect the beautiful sunset and crowning it all with the beauty of the sea with the shades reflected in the water

The Bari seafront is considered among the most beautiful in Italy and among the longest in Europe, about 3 km. It originates around the first half of the 1900s and is composed of a row of cast iron lampposts which years have become true symbols of this city.

In short, Bari manages to give emotions even just walking among its characteristic street lamps or breathing the sea air; a historic, beautiful, lively and at the same time relaxing place cannot go unnoticed when you come to Bari.