Castel del monte tour


The most mysterious place in Puglia. This is a magnificent castle built on top of a high hill at the request of Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen, who ruled in Puglia in the first half of the 13th century.

It is mysterious for various reasons. Some historians even refuse to call it a castle, because it was built according to completely different principles adopted in those days. This structure has no moat, well, drawbridge or underground emergency passageways. Furthermore there is no space for supplies, stables or a separate kitchen. But there is a church-like portal and richly decorated rooms. Therefore, historians to this day discuss the true purpose of this castle. Some even tell the legend that it was here that the Templars hid the Grail, returning from the Crusades.

But the most interesting thing is that many mysterious symbols are hidden in the architecture of the castle. The main one is the number 8, which is found almost everywhere. Previously, the number 8 symbolized not only the infinite, but also the connection of the material world with the spiritual one. Today Castel del Monte is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is depicted on an Italian coin at 1 euro cent. Castel del Monte tour will surely be remembered for a long time.