food tour

Food and Wine Tour

Itanata organizes many tours and cooking classes. Discover them!

Southern Italy is known mainly, not only for its magnificent places, but also for their characteristic local cuisine, which is why more and more tourists, every year, require cooking classes and food and wine tours.
For this reason, we offer 4 gastronomic themed trips

cooking class

Offriamo 2 diversi tipi di corsi:

  • Corso giornaliero,
  • Corso di 3 giorni con i migliori chef

Wine tour

Do you want to know how the best wines of southern Italy are made and to visit a winery? Discover and taste with us

Olive Oil Tour

You can discover how the best extra virgin olive oil is made, one of the most important products of Puglia and southern Italy.

Cheese Tour

Visit the best dairies and taste its products (mozzarella, burata etc.)